samosa making machine cmj 210

Samosa Making Machine

The ChefBoss Samosa Making Machine operates on a fundamental design, incorporating essential components such as the machine casing, pressing tools, and mold plate. Notably, it is equipped with two distinct feeding ports – one designated for the dough and the other for the savory filling.

The operational principle is straightforward: introduce the prepared samosa filling and dough wrapper into their respective feeding ports. Upon activating the machine, it adeptly compresses these components, yielding consistently shaped and perfectly crafted samosas.

Samosas Made with Chefboss Commercial Samosa Maker Machine

Popular Samosa Making Machines

samosa making machine cmj 160
  • Model: CMJ-160 
  • Power Supply (V): 220/380V (Refer to the machine nameplate)
  • Motor Power: 1.2 kw
  • Production Capacity: 0-10,000 pcs per hour
  • Weight: 157 kg
  • Dimensions: 1675*590*1015 mm

Suitable for a single restaurant.

samosa making machine cmj 210
  • Model: CMJ-210 
  • Power Supply (V): 220V/380V (Refer to the machine nameplate)
  • Power: 1.55 kw
  • Production Capacity: 0-20,000 pcs per hour
  • Weight: 206 kg
  • Dimensions: 1965*608*1375mm

Ideal for chains and large-scale central kitchens.

How Samosa Machine Works?

The ChefBoss Samosa Maker machine operates based on a fundamental design comprising components such as the machine casing, pressing tools, and mold plate.

The core operational principle involves placing the prepared samosa filling and dough wrapper into the machine. Subsequently, the machine compresses these elements to form samosas. Following this process, the machine outputs fully shaped and molded samosas.

Steps for Making Samosas

Adjustable Automatic Samosa Making Machine for Various Applications

Our adjustable automatic samosa making machines are versatile, catering to the needs of different sectors in the food industry, including Food Service and Catering, Food Production Facilities and Frozen Food Suppliers, International Food Chains, and Educational Institutions. With the assistance of our machines, preparing samosas is as simple as placing the dough and filling into the machine – your samosas will be automatically prepared. It's that easy!

restaurants, eateries, canteens, hotels, and catering services

Restaurants, Eateries, Canteens, Hotels, and Catering Services

Benefit: Streamline samosa preparation with automatic production. How: Adjustable settings cater to various sizes, enhancing efficiency.

food processing plants, central kitchens, and frozen dumpling manufacturers

Food Processing Plants, Central Kitchens, and Frozen Samosa Manufacturers

Benefit: Enhance efficiency in high-volume production and ideal for standardized, quick samosa production. How: Versatile machines seamlessly integrate into food production lines, producing consistent samosas for the frozen food market.

chain restaurants and global food brands

Chain Restaurants and Global Food Brands

Benefit: Maintain standardized samosa offerings globally. How: Reliable and efficient production supports consistent menu items across chains.

culinary schools and training facilities

Culinary Schools and Training Facilities

Benefit: Facilitate culinary training with automated samosa preparation. How: Easy-to-use machines simplify learning and practical demonstrations in culinary education.

Your Concerns

Yes, we are a professional manufacturer with 15 years of expertise in the field of commercial samosa machines in China.

A: Certainly! Our commercial fully automatic samosa making machines are thoughtfully designed with customization in mind. With 12 distinct patterns, each offering six size options, and the added flexibility to customize dumpling size and shape, we ensure a perfect fit for your unique menu specifications.

Certainly! Our commercial automatic samosa machines support the installation of various heads, depending on the patterns you desire for your samosas.

Furthermore, customization is available to meet specific customer requirements.

A: Typically, upon receiving your payment, we ship within 2-3 working days if the item is in stock. For items not in stock, the delivery time is 7-15 working days. The specific delivery timeline depends on the actual circumstances of the project.

A: With 15 years of professional experience in the Food machinery industry, ChefBoss excels in providing a diverse range of machines.

We cater to your specific production requirements, including considerations for space constraints, samosa shapes, and sizes.

Our extensive inventory of standard products and robust customization capabilities ensure we are well-equipped to meet your unique needs at any time.

A: Yes, we offer complimentary operational training, accompanied by detailed training videos.

A: Regular maintenance is crucial. We recommend cleaning and lubricating key components every two weeks. Detailed instructions are provided in the user manual, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

  • We offer a free one-year warranty.
  • We will supply a toolbox containing essentials such as wrenches and replacement parts (including seals and screws), providing the necessary resources for maintenance.
  • Lifelong Consultation and Maintenance
  • Free Recipe Service

A: In case of technical issues, our dedicated support team is just a call away. We provide remote assistance, and if required, we dispatch our technicians to your location.

In reality, technical issues are a rarity, thanks to the reliability of our equipment.



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